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"Simple Pleasures"

Film about the US Smokeless Tobacco company.

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: footyfoot - - September 27, 2014
Subject: 'I'd like to check on the Moist Products...'
You simply MUST watch this one, if only for the adventures of Doug Siegelman, intrepid US Tobacco sales operative in the loudest coat and tie combination you'll find it hard to believe grown humans ever wore, and his amazing Minnesota accent! That bit lies between 12:14 and 13:58, if you wanna cut to the good stuff. Oh, and the 'Dr Grabow' song, as sung by a real hillbilly! This sucker is a real classic of pure 70's cheese, from beginning to end. *Addendum*- as somebody has since pointed out, I got the name of our intrepid salesman wrong. My Bad, Mr. Segelstrom!
Reviewer: Minnesota Norweigan - - January 15, 2012
Subject: I would like to check your moist products
Correction, the good looking fellow in the sharp suit coat ,is a guy who worked for at that time a Company to be proud of under some great guidance and leadership of Mr. Bantle.He was the real deal, he always put the people first.Thank you Mr. Beethe for the opportunity.

Oh the guy in vidieo with the coat,his name is not Doug Spielman??? It is Don Segelstrom and his wife picked out the coat and Tie.